Wildlife in Alaska

WhaleTake your pick; we’ve got lots to do in Chignik Bay! Alaskan adventure is not limited to fishing! Families are welcome at our place and there is a lot to see for both wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers.

Bald Eagles soar through town and are throughout the Chignik area. Humpback whales make annual trips through our waters, and pilot whales, as well as occasional killer whales or Orca’s.  We have large populations of Sea Otters, which provide a challenge for photographers but are great to watch with their seemingly carefree attitude. Predicting the wildlife we encounter is tough, however it all lives in the area and we enjoy our encounters and photo opportunities.

Hiking out to Eagle Rock and stepping your foot into a bear track, climbing atop the land marks to breathtaking views across into Mud Bay and out to the end of the horizon on the ocean. There are fun, spectacular things to do and places to go right from Chignik Bay Village.

Brown Bear

The Chignik area is one of the most densely populated areas in the world with Brown Bears. BearThis doesn’t mean they are everywhere you look, it does mean withcraft, caution, and luck we can enjoy watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Bears love eating salmon and when the salmon fill the rivers the bears come to the feast.

Bears are often encountered during our river fishing trips and can often be seen on the beaches while on saltwater adventures. We are cautious to give the bears their space and respect their place in nature. It is reasonable to position ourselves to view them without intruding on them.

Whether we are actively setting up for bear viewing or having chance encounters while engaged in other activities, bears are a part of Chignik. In the mornings, fresh tracks are often seen on our property. We have had viewings off our deck in the evenings and during the night.  We have hot spots where we normally can view bears, both near and far.  They are a part of the Alaskan Peninsula and we enjoy sharing the viewing with our guests.