Smiles and Surprises 2017

2017 was full of smiles and surprises. Looking back at the pictures of 2017 and remembering the excitement of the hook-ups and amazing show’s provided by Mother Nature, we had an outstanding year in Chignik Bay. Dahl Porpoises and thousands of Pacific White Sided Dolphins rolled into the Chignik district and gave us two weeks of jumping, spinning, diving shows. I’ve never seen them before but we all enjoyed it, the dolphin schools at times could literally be seen for miles.

We had the most cooperative bears for viewing in Chignik Bay Adventures history; they were great to allow us to watch and photograph them. Killer Whales cruised around us for a few weeks as well! The topper was a walrus; an “Aleutian Dragon” climbed up and wallowed on the beach at Lake Bay for about a week. It shocked us as we’ve never seen them in our area.

Smiles from our guests as they enjoyed truly wild and beautiful, natural critters, and every day on the water was an adventure. Fishing was great, king’s were slower than 2016, but they were big, bright and feisty. Coho’s in the ocean and Chignik River were aerobatic and acrobatic, long runs and “Big Air.” Sockeye were wild and plentiful and many limits of chrome sockeyes went home with our guests in fish boxes as home pack.

We worked for our Halibut and were rewarded with beauties, great battles and real tasty. We pulled lots of big Ling Cod out of the rock piles and they put up epic battles.

In 2018 we will be in full operation with Travis and Mallory guiding the King Salmon season for the month of July. Travis will return to Idaho to Guide Reel Time Fishing trips in August. Mallory, our newly full licensed captain has trained and helped me for two summers and is fully prepared to guide Chignik trips.

We’re filing fast for 2018, if a spectacular trip into remote and wild Alaska is on your bucket list please contact us right away.

Hoping, as always that you enjoy some highlight photos from 2017.

River King’s – Bright and Feisty

Chunky Halibut and Angry Ling Cod

The Orca’s were glad to check us out and pose for us

Sockeyes and Silvers, The River was Full

Our Visitor from Bristol Bay

SaltWater Silvers and Kings

Bears ate well on Record runs of Pinks and Chums

2017 Was  a fantastic fishing and adventure season, excellent in every way.  We anticpate a great 2018.  A few prime spots are still available.  Please contact us if you’d like to join us this coming season!

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