FlyfishWe have chased and succeeded in catching every species of salmon fly-fishing in Chignik; including fresh and saltwater Coho Salmon, Chum, Pinks, Sockeye, and King Salmon in the Chignik River. Fly-fishing for Sockeye with six weight rods led us to entertainment we never dreamt of, watching grown men in waders dancing in the river attempting to keep the fish from swimming between their legs and jumping wildly on the other side of them. Fishing just plain out of control is a great site to witness and experience.

Coho Fly

Fly-Fishing for Coho Salmon

Sight fishing saltwater Coho ranks with the best, visually sighting large schools and watching fifty bright silvers race each other to get to the fly first.



Halibut on Fly

Halibut Fly-Fishing

Fly-fishing for Halibut in Alaska is its own wonderful, ever-changing science.  Most days we use sink tip lines to fish down twelve to twenty feet and tease the feeding fish into striking.  Some days the Halibut will follow to the surface and we are fortunate to sight fish for them.  We take what the conditions and fish offer us and relish the excitement of success.


King on Fly

King Salmon

Watching a thirty-pound King Salmon dart up and take a fly as its being retrieved and witnessing the ensuing battle, as a ten weight rod doubles over time and again while a nervous fisherman hopes to land the fish of a lifetime. Now that’s a Chignik Bay Adventures definition of fun.


Trout FlyTrout

Trout fishing in Chignik Alaska is primarily for Dollie Varden. The fish are very abundant and provide constant action. It is common for fifteen to twenty thousand sea-run trout to enter the Chignik River. We know where most of them live. We fish them with leeches, glow bugs, beads, nymphs, streamers, and just about any configuration you want to tie up. When the condition’s are right and allow for safe travel to remote, beautiful tributaries we will take you there and have had exceptional fishing on our past adventures.

Fly Rod