Coho Salmon

Saltwater Coho Salmon

Wall of Coho

Simply put, when Alaska’s Coho Salmon are running in August we believe we have some of the very finest saltwater fishing in the world, on some days possibly the best. We fish off the capes to the east and west of Chignik and the numbers of fish are impressive. Schools of saltwater Coho’s, when located, are aggressive and a blast to catch, resulting in lots of action and hook ups.

Averaging nine pounds and ranging up to eighteen, these silvers light up the water and air while making wild long distance runs.  We often hook salt water kings while trolling or mooching for Coho’s. Airborne silvers are quite a sight in the saltwater, some jumping straight out of the water four or five feet high, others jumping across the top up to eight or ten feet in distance, sometimes jumping right across your buddy’s line which may happen to have its own twelve pound chrome bullet attached to it.

 Freshwater Coho Salmon

River Coho

By the end of August and through September all those beautiful Coho Salmon that got by us on the capes make their way into the local rivers. By this time, they are ready to gobble up flies, spinners, spoons, eggs, shrimp and just about anything not nailed down! The fish maintain their aggressive nature as they enter their home watershed.


The Chignik River is close and a fine opportunity for furious action. The fish run close to a ten-pound average andrange up to 18 pounds. An angler can certainly count on personal encounters with these hogs during a day of fishing the Chignik River. The bear viewing is at its peak in September, the fishing is exceptional for all methods of catching these spectacular, acrobatic Coho.


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