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Big JohnJohn Rantz

After graduating from Western Washington University in 1979 John arrived in Chignik, fulfilling a life dream to work and live in remote Alaska. The rugged and beautiful country combined with the opportunity of hard work in the commercial salmon, halibut, and herring fisheries provided a setting that was precisely the right place to stay. The sport fishing for kings and halibut made him recognize immediately that he had found a sportsman's paradise.

Mary Ann Rantz

MaryAnn RantzMary Ann is from Avon, Montana. Originally traveling to Chignik for work 1988 she got more than she bargained for, she and John met and she got a husband out of the deal. MaryAnn helped establish and continues to work at Chignik Bay Adventures and has developed the recipes and menus our guests enjoy. In addition, she and John raise their 2 boys, Jack and Rocky, and Mary still keeps the home fires burning that give Chignik Bay its home-style feel that welcomes all of our guests and friends into our lives. She loves the kayaking, wild flowers, an occasional fishing trip with us, and visiting with the folks of the village and anyone near her kitchen or table.

Chignik Bay Adventures

Chignik BayWhen the opportunity to buy property presented itself, John and his family knew that "if we built it they would come." Chignik is on the outskirts of the civilized world, no combat fishing here, and the Rantz' plan is to share this spectacular wilderness with those who would like to experience it. John and his family and crew of guides have a tremendous respect and love for Alaska; its people, wildlife and preservation of the environment, culture, and history; it is Chignik Bay Adventures' intent to leave “no foot print” on this country.

Whether kayaking, smoking fish, hiking, fishing, or picnicking our family has had many fine times in Chignik, we intend to be here for many years and would like to share the fun with you.

-John & MaryAnn Rantz
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Our Guides

Travis Wendt

Travis Wendt

Travis will be absent from the 2016 season as he takes time to pursue other life endeavors. He wishes the entire crew and guests well with bountiful catches next season.

Travis was born into a family of fisherman, spending many of his childhood days out on the water with his grandparents catching steelhead, salmon, bass, and kokanee.

Travis started deck-handing for a guide when he was 15 years old, receiving his 25 Ton Master Coast Guard and state guide licenses as soon as he was old enough to.

Travis graduated in 2011 with his B.S. in Business Administration at Lewis Clark State College. Travis can be found anywhere on the river or in the mountains. Travis was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho and has made the decision to stay planted in the area. He now guides for winter Steelhead and spring Salmon for Reel Time Fishing on the world renowned Clearwater River. Travis began guiding for Chignik Bay Adventures in 2009. Email Travis