Getting To Chignik Alaska

AirportTraveling to Chignik Bay from the lower forty-eight is achieved by first flying to Anchorage. There are a number of carriers to choose from, Alaska, Continental, United, and others.

WARNING! ALL RESERVATIONS NEED TO BE MADE WELL IN ADVANCE.Summer flights to and within Alaska are heavily booked. Guests should contact their airlines or check their websites as early as possible to assure flights that correspond to their “Alaska Adventures” reservation dates.

Charter options are available from Anchorage to Chignik Bay, and from King Salmon to Chignik Bay, they are very expensive. Please contact us if you’d like information about them.

Flying to Chignik from Anchorage

Changes in Travel for 2018

Alaska AirLake Clark Air, located at Merrill field in Anchorage is the only reliable way to fly to Chignik Bay. The flights are seat fares and they fly daily. Reservations must be made well in advance. 

Lake Clark Air contact numbers are: 907.781.2208 | Fax: 907.781.2215 | 888.440.2281 | 800.662.7661

It is important to make your reservation to CHIGNIK BAY, not to the other Chignik villages, (there are three Chignik Villages, Bay, Lagoon and Lake.)

Lake Clark Air is at Merrill Field, NOT at Ted Stevens Airport, it is a cab ride of 30 minutes to get to or from Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport. Their flights to Chignik Bay leave about 8:00 am and normally arrive by noon. Returning from Chignik the flights often do not get back into Anchorage until 5:00 pm, sometimes later depending on routing. It is important not to schedule flights out of Anchorage to your destination too early or it is difficult to make connections.

Most guests fly into Anchorage the day prior to their flight to Chignik and spend a night. Some guests also choose the same on departure to avoid night or redeye flights.

Lake Clark flies instrument trained pilots and twin engine planes and has an impeccable safety record. Their flights are spectacular flight-seeing experiences, flying over beautiful wilderness in safety and comfort.

Lake Clark Air round trip fare to Chignik Bay is expensive; it is approximately $1,300 total cost. Their dependability and service to arrive safely and timely to the remote and spectacular fishing and beauty of Chignik Bay makes their company the only reliable route to Chignik.

In both 2016 and 2017 routing from Anchorage to King Salmon and out to Chignik has become extremely unreliable, a few guests have been stranded in King Salmon with flight cancellations and many have not received their luggage. Until the service becomes reliable again we don’t recommend our guests flying that route. Hopefully we will see changes there soon.

Lake Clark Air contact numbers are: 907.781.2208 | Fax: 907.781.2215 | 888.440.2281 | 800.662.7661

Although Chignik Bay is perched on the outskirts of the world, we are fortunate to have excellent, safe, air transport to the Village.

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